Sarah Crowley
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Originally hailing from Adelaide, Sarah Crowley is a professional triathlete competeing in non-drafting olympic distance, half ironman distance and iron distance triathlon.
Sarah has been competeing since 2008 and has worked incredibily hard to become a multiple Ironman Champion - all while practicing as a Chartered Accountant until 2016!


Ironman World Championship Kona Podium 2019 and 2017
Ironman Arizona Champion 2019
South American Ironman Champion 2018
ITU World Long Course Champion 2017
Asia Pacific and European Ironman Champion 2017

Sarah Crowley(Dale Travers/


What’s your favourite food?
My favourite food is a toss up between Blueberries and Bacon! Not together though.


If you could give one piece of nutritional wisdom to the Australian public, what would it be?
Keep things simple and eat as natural unprocessed foods as possible.


If you could spend the day with one celebrity, who would it be & why? 
I’d love to meet Johnny Depp. As long as he is in Character as Jack Sparrow, I think I would have a pretty fun day.


Sarah Crowley
(Dale Travers/

What's your favourite colour?
It used to be green now days it’s probably blue.


What's your favourite way to work out when you are not training?
I really enjoy some easy Yoga or a light floor work class. It’s great to get the breathing going and helps me to relax.


Can you share with us a motivational quote that really resonates with you?Average never wins. It’s plain and simple you can’t be the best doing what everyone else is doing so my team looks at every detail of my racing, training, equipment and nutrition to gain every advantage.


Some days as an athlete must be tougher than others. What gets you through the tough days?
Some days are stars and some are stones. When things get tough I focus on what I can control. I generally peel things back to a simple process and do one thing at a time.

 Sarah Crowley
(Dale Travers/

What does relaxing look like in your down-time?
I love listening to music, watching movies and relaxing in the pool.


Who is the person who has inspired you most to do what you do?
I think I was most inspired to do triathlon by my first triathlon coach. He taught me the importance of consistency and application. As I improved and saw results I became more and more motivated.


You can follow Sarah and her day to day life at:

Instagram: @Sarah_Stan_Crowley