A Day on a Plate with Crossfit Athlete Kara Saunders

Kara Saunders | Paleo Hero Ambassador

It doesn't get much better when one of the world's fittest women joins your squad! Kara Saunders is an elite CrossFit athlete, gym owner, mum and all round super human and we couldn't be more excited to have Kara as a Paleo Hero ambassador. 

We asked Kara a few questions about health, nutrition and fitness and she tells us how they all fit into her daily routine! Read on.


o Tell us about you and what you do? 

I’m a competitive CrossFit athlete and a gym owner. I also represent a few brands within that role so I spend majority of my days training, coaching, running the gym or working as my own influential brand.

o Do you have a morning ritual or habit? What does that look like?

Every single morning, as soon as I wake up I have a glass of warm water. I like to stimulate my system after the rest and digest phase and gradually wake it up for the day. I’m also very much a morning person so once I have done that I usually spend a good amount of time on emails and work while I’m alert and sharp and the world is a little quieter.

Kara Saunders | Paleo Hero Ambassador

o What you eat on an average day for breakfast, lunch, dinner and any snacks?

I pretty much live on fruit, vegetables, a variety of meat and seafood and then some little snacks here and there. I’m quite relaxed with what I eat and don’t need to be entertained by my food. If it’s healthy, clean and hasn’t been tampered with too much I am happy. When I’m competing, my nutrition might look a little different with oats or something like that added in there, but for the better part every meal (including breakfast) is made up of vegetables and meat.

o What’s your daily training/fitness regime look like?

I usually train twice per day for 2 hours on average per session. This might increase significantly in the competitive season and reduce a little in the off season. My week is usually Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday as training days and Thursday as an active recovery day and Sunday as a full day of rest. Throughout the week my training varies to include Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, running, rowing and riding and a lot of skill work within these domains. It's very well balanced and I don’t necessarily do each component every day.

Kara Saunders | Paleo Hero Ambassador

o Where can people find you? 

Instagram: @karasaundo
FB: @karasaundersathlete