A Day On My Plate with Dennis Hogan

Dennis Hogan is one of our favourite athletes here at Paleo Hero HQ because he's not only a champion at the top of his game, he's an all-round nice guy! Let's dive in to what makes him such a success. Over to you Dennis. 

• I am a professional boxer with a record of 26 wins, 1 loss , 1 draw. My only loss has been in a world title fight against the champion in Germany. Back up to no.3 in the world and ready for my next crack at the title but this time I will be taking the title but first i must get past world no.4 in Jimmy Kelly April 7th at the Convention Centre Brisbane.

• My morning ritual is gratitude, I wake up and before getting out of bed I sit up and think about all the people, things and events I’m grateful for in my life and when I’m finished that I see myself achieving my dreams and goals and that sets up perfectly for the day. 

• My typical training day includes- as I wake up straight away I do gratitude and visualisation. The faster I go and do strength and conditioning either in function well with coach Christopher Muckert or hills sprints or hill runs, after I would have a  protein shake and banana. Then I’d have a meal from Wilde Kitchen that’s chicken, wild rice and veg with a green tea.

In between sessions I would either see my Chiro/Physio/Naturopath/cryo freeze or remedial massage ect. I usually get 30-60 mins relax time to either meditate, read or nap  before my big boxing session. I have a paleo hero bar and some ucan carb powder drink with vital Greens and vitamins.

In training we do about 3 hours which include heavy bag/sparring/padwork/plios/skipping/body conditioning etc. After training I have a protein shake on my drive home.

For dinner I’d have Wilde Kitchen meal eggs/chicken, sweet potato and veg. Here I would usually have an hour with my family and daughter before she would go to bed. I get emails done and promotion work for ticket selling and all that kind of stuff. 

My last meal I have paleo hero bar and 2-3 slices of paleo hero bread. I would usually then go for a 30-50 minute walk. When I get home I do the Wimm Hoff breathing method and then meditate for a little while then off to bed.gratitude and visualisation before I nod off. My days get scattered a bit but that’s a typical enough day.