A Day On My Plate with Health Blogger KB Sugarfree

A Day On My Plate with Health Blogger KB Sugarfree

Here at Paleo Hero HQ we just love to know what's on everyone else's plate because let's be honest, we love food and we want to know if there's something epic we are missing out on! Katherine from KB Sugarfree is one of our fave health & wellness bloggers because she's constantly whipping up fab dishes using our products and she's just an all round great gal. We hope you enjoy her feature below!

Kbsugarfree is the account of Katherine Beresford, a Brisbane food and health blogger with a passion for a nourishing lifestyle. Kbsugarfree began in 2013 and is now Brisbane’s largest food and health blog. Kbsugarfree shares healthy recipes, healthy menus and healthy products to inspire healthy lifestyle choices. The purpose is to help followers dismiss the stereotypical and ‘fad’ claims of ‘health’ and make the decisions they need to maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle.

o Do you have a morning ritual or habit? What does that look like?

Yes! Of course. I am a big fan of routine. My morning ritual involves moving my body, in whatever way I feel. Either a HIIT, run or cross trainer/gym sesh.

o What you eat on an average day for breakfast, lunch, dinner and any snacks. 

My day is full of high quality meat, vegetables and fats.

MORNING: My morning always starts with coffee, long black or nut milk latte. I generally stretch out breakfast to a little later in day but it will always involved vegetables and protein (usually boiled eggs).

LUNCH: Lunch is a nourishing combo of lots of veggies, protein and some fats.

AFTERNOON: I’ll incorporate some healthier carbohydrates in the afternoon, I’m a sucker for rice cakes/crackers, they are my favourite. But I’ll have these in the afternoon to prevent a sugar crash and pair them with some veggie sticks, hommus or cottage cheese.

DINNER: Meat and veg. Always. So delicious. Sometimes I will mix it up but this is something myself and my boyfriend love to eat together, and what's a meal if it’s not with good company!

WEEKENDS: This is where I will generally make some Paleo Hero Pancakes with my favourite Pure’N’Free coconut yoghurt and the Paleo Hero Muesli sprinkled on top. If I’m eating out with friends, for breakfast I’ll choose a nourishing salad and I love the cafes that offer healthy options with lots of greens, protein and good fats. For lunch and dinner, I love trying lots of different foods but will always just make sure I get lots of greens, so I fill up on the good stuff but still taste a little of everything.

o Favourite Paleo hero product:

I am so obsessed with the Paleo Hero Muesli, by itself, by the handful but also in recipes. I mean, it’s great on top of pancakes and the cinnamon pancake mix yes, amazing, but I recently discovered it’s a brilliant shortcut to any recipe that calls for a ‘nut mix’. Forget buying several types of nuts and seeds, the muesli mix is the best addition. I recently created these cranberry and nut cookies and the muesli was incredible, and can really only be re-made with the mix in it - the flavour, the combo, the crunch. It was incredible.


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