A Day On My Plate with Luke Hines

A Day On My Plate with Luke Hines

Luke Hines is one of our all time favourite foodies and that's not only because he creates insanely delicious recipes but more because, in a world that can be often shaded by an instagram filter, he is REAL. He is open, honest and an incredibly generous bloke and we are very privileged to have him take the time to share with us his habits, rituals and what he eats! You can also go in the draw to win some of Luke's new Keto Tonic as well as over $1300 of prizes including a coffee machine RIGHT HERE >>

Tell us a bit about you

Having spent over 10 years as a personal trainer I realised very quickly that you cannot out train a bad diet! This got me really interested in food and nutrition. Having cooked my way to the finals of My Kitchen Rules, encouraging Aussies to cook healthy delicious food became not only my career but a love affair. Now as a qualified nutritional therapist I am all about trying to get people back into the kitchen, taking their health into their own hands. For me it is all about helping people find the synergy between the Meals, Mindset and Moves, celebrating nutrient dense delicious meals, focus on building and maintaining a positive mindset and doing the moves each day that keep us well for life.

Do you have a morning ritual or habit? What does that look like?

Well first off, I am a morning person, but when I say morning person, I mean really early! I wake up around 4am, and depending on the day it could be for an early fasted cardio session, a walk along the beach, or simply to jump onto the laptop and get ahead before the day really amps up! Its incredible how much we can achieve before the rest of the world have even opened their eyes. Its empowering, and it allows YOU to run the day, not being so behind that the day runs you!

What you eat on an average day for breakfast, lunch, dinner and any snacks and training.

Well I usually do some fasted high intensity interval training upon rising, so before that its just a good dose of water to stay hydrated! After short and intense cardio sessions, I am often not super hungry, and love that endorphin rush I get from the elevated heart rate! My favorite way to break my fast is to PowerUp a double shot long black coffee with my Luke Hines by Cocolife MCT Keto Tonic and a touch of grass-fed ghee. I combine all three elements in my blender, give it a good blitz and pour this hot, steamy and delicious creamy goodness into my cup to enjoy mindfully! I try not to do emails during my morning PowerUp Mind and Body Brew as its lovely just to take a moment, sit in the morning sun and take all the goodness in.

Due to the satiating good healthy fats and brain boosting benefits of my Powered Up Mind and Body Brew, I don’t eat until I am hungry which is about lunch time usually. If I am working from home it will often be a recipe that I am shooting for a photo or video, so eat whatever creation I have put together for my Luke Hines 10 online program content! The great thing about constantly updating the recipes in the meal plan is that I get to eat them after taking the photos! If I am on the road I try to find somewhere that will put together a healthy plate of ‘sides’ so I usually construct it with things like eggs, free-range bacon if it is good quality and I know its been sourced ethically, greens and any other vegetables that might be on the menu, and fruit like avocado and olives.

Being that my lunch is usually super high fat I don’t usually snack between meals, and if I do feel peckish I usually have some pre-made bulk spam of something low carb keto friendly in my freezer. I always make big bulk low fructose or no sweetener treats in my freezer as cravings can kick in at the darnedest of times and I would rather have something healthy on hand than go of course and reach for something not aligned with my health and lifestyle goals.

I used to think breakfast was my favorite meal of the day, but now it is definitely dinner! I love loading up an oven tray with cauliflower, dousing it in my Luke Hines by Cocolife Incredible Coconut Oil and oven roasting until golden brown, crispy and caramelized. I pair these with some sort of curry that is packed with gut healing broth, spices and a well sourced ethical animal protein.

I think dessert is important for emotional stability! So I may re-reach for something in that freezer of mine! But always low carb and keto friendly so as not to spike my blood sugars before bed with carbs I don’t need or wont utilise.

I don't count calories, and my macros go from biggest portions of fats, with moderate proteins and low carbs. I eat when hungry, stop when I am full, and celebrate nutrient density as often as I can!

Where can people find you? 

Instagram @LukeHinesOnline
Facebook @LUkeHinesOnline
Twitter @LukeHinesOnline
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