A Day on My Plate with Miranda from Clean Treats

We don't know about you but we just love to hear about what's on other people's plates, what their routine looks like and how they nourish themselves. These tips and tricks help us find better, more efficient and more satisfying ways to carry out our days and weeks. Today we take a sneak peak into the life (and the plate) of Miranda from Clean Treats.

o Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a 25-year-old accountant from Perth, Australia whose passion is built around living a healthy and active lifestyle. My life involves around balancing my always full plate – that being, building my career, moving my body, creating delicious but healthy meals, maintaining strong relationships with friends and family and sharing content with my Instagram community. Any spare time I do have is spent learning about health and wellness (particularly nutrition) or making an absolute mess in the kitchen!

o Do you have a morning ritual or habit? What does that look like?

It’s nothing fancy but my morning habit/ritual is to always workout in the morning. I find that if I get it done in the morning then I have no excuses for the rest of the day and I know that it always makes me feel so much better. On work days it keeps me clear headed and helps wake me up. On the weekend it’s usually a boxing session or a morning walk with a friend followed by coffee or breakie!

o What you eat on an average day for breakfast, lunch, dinner and any snacks? What else does your day include?

My alarm goes off at 5.45am and I jump into my active wear already laid out at the end of my bed. This seriously helps when you’re time poor and don’t want to think first thing in the morning! I drink a big glass of water and head straight to the gym where I do HIIT, plyometrics, resistance or strength training. I mix up my workouts but when it comes to cardio, I prefer to do this outdoors  and usually only on the weekend. I love to get fresh air and vitamin D whilst walking with a friend or listening to a podcast, running along the coast or heading to a set of stairs near my house (they are an absolute killer!)

I work out from 6-7am and head straight home, jump in the shower and get ready for work. I eat breakfast when I get to work at 8.30am – usually yoghurt (protein) with Paleo Hero Primal Muesli (my fav and it’s loaded with healthy fats) and banana and berries (carbs) with a green tea. Alternatively, I’ll have oats with protein powder and berries - this such a great balanced meal to kick start your day!

At 10.30/11am I have an almond milk flat white and a morning snack which is usually corn thins with peanut butter and a piece of fruit if I’m super hungry.

1pm is lunchtime! I tend to have plant based lunches as they keep me full but aren’t super heavy so I don’t get that sluggish feeling at my desk all afternoon. I love nourish bowls with falafels, avocado and hummus.

At 3.30pm I sip on a peppermint tea and some kind of protein based sweet treat I have made with Paleo Hero, of course – protein muffins, brownies, bliss balls, etc. Having something sweet satisfies any cravings but I ensure it has some kind of protein in it keeps me full until dinner.

I am home after work around 6pm and I make dinner for myself and my boyfriend. This meal is always a source of protein (chicken, fish, steak) with carbs (brown rice or starchy veggies) and a big salad. My absolute favourite dinner is honey glazed salmon with brown rice and a simple green salad.

I always finish my day of eating around 8pm with a cup of tea (chai, camomile or peppermint) and sometimes dark chocolate, if I’m craving something sweet. I don’t tend to crave a lot of junk food because I always make homemade “healthified” versions of conventional options. I find them way more satisfying because they taste amazing and I don’t feel ill afterwards.

I try and get to bed by 10pm so that I have at least 7 hours sleep per night before I do it all again the next day!

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