A Day On My Plate with Olympian Keryn McMaster

Here at Paleo Hero HQ we love to dive into the habits, routines and rituals of those who are doing great things and living their best life. Today our HERO is Keryn McMaster so we'll hand over to her to tell you what's going down in her day and most importantly, on her plate!

The Important Stuff

I am Olympic swimmer Keryn McMaster.

I train 9 sessions a week in the pool and do 3 land/gym based sessions.

I have 2 puppies which I love very much

I have an amazing finace who I am marrying this year

I love teaching kids to swim and giving back to the community

Do you have a morning ritual or habit? What does that look like?

First thing in the morning I put my puppies outside and give them a treat, then I make myself a bulletproof coffee, I love how I feel with the goodness of MCT oil and can concentrate longer throughout the day.

What you eat on an average day for breakfast, lunch, dinner and any snacks?

Breakfast: Bacon and eggs on Paleo hero bread or sometimes a smoothie with lots of different fruit and coconut milk. Sometimes I have both depending on if I have trained in the morning

Snack: Handful of nuts or berries, Homemade Savoury muffin or crackers

Lunch: A salad with lots of greens, sundried tomatoes, olives and some of the Paleo Hero pizza base turned into croutons.

Training comes in every afternoon, 2 hours in the pool swimming

Dinner: Whatever lands on my plate.  I am a massive fan of salmon quiche and a paleo cottage pie with either cauliflower mash or sweet potato on top. I love to mix up my dinners

What's your favourite Paleo Hero product?


Where can people find you? 

Instagram  and Facebook