Interview with Anthony from Awakened Lifestyles

Our BDM Shan has been taking to her couch to interview people about the juicy things in life. She has created On The Couch with My Food Religion as a forum to chat to real people about real stuff and we are loving the content so we thought we'd share it with you guys too!

Today's live interview is with Anthony Noud from Awakened Lifestyles. He is a motivational speaker, inner work coach, dad and ex-heroin addict. Today Shan chats to Anthony about beating addiction and obesity, challenges of being a new dad and how Awakened Lifestyles came to be. 

Our top take-aways from this interview:

- You are not your thoughts, feelings and emotions and you don't have to continue to entertain your past 'story.' 

- Breaking an addiction comes when the addiction is more painful than the work it will take to stop it. 

- The sleep deprivation that occurs on methadone treatment was a sound preparation for that which goes with having a newborn. 

Watch the full interview here and enjoy the insight into this very inspirational bloke. 


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