The Leg & Butt Burner Workout

Winter is on it's way out the door and the warmer weather is calling our name so it's well and truly time to get our butt's into gear! What better way to get our fitness on than with a super time-efficient workout from The Health & Fitness Guy. 

Our favourite things about Chris's functional training style are that they're fast, effective and can be done ANYWHERE! No gym, no worries. Your lounge room, park or hotel room will work just fine. This leg and butt burner EMOM (every minute on the minute) will have you shaking in 8 minutes flat. 

Watch the video for your explanation of the exercises. Grab a timer and then you can get cracking!

8 Minute EMOM

EMOM (every minute on the minute) Complete the entire rep set in one minute. Whatever time you have left in that minute is your rest. Start again with the next minute and repeat for 8 minutes.

  • Start your timer
  • 10 frogs
  • 8 squat rotations
  • 6 Xplodes
  • 1 burpee
  • Rest until your time gets to the next minute then start again
  • Continue for 8 minutes!

Shake it out and don't forget to drink plenty of water! For more workouts you can go RIGHT HERE >> and follow Chris @thehealthandfitnessguy on Facebook & Instagram.

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