Train Smart with a Total Body Workout in Under 10 Minutes

The Health & Fitness Guy is all about training smart. That means time effective training rather than flogging yourself for hours on end every week at the gym or pounding the pavement. Chris shows us how to get bang for your buck from your training by training smart with short workouts that integrate strength, cardio and mobility. This 8 minute EMOM (every minute on the minute) takes a focus on mobility and strength. It will have your body burning and your heart pumping in under the time it takes to order your take-away coffee. 

Watch the video to see Chris take you through the workout and exercises as well as all the scaling. Then grab your timer and some floor space and get ready to sweat!


Every minute on the minute (EMOM) perform

  • 4 Turtles
  • 16 Tuck Twists
  • 10 Hermit Crabs
  • Rest in the time you have remaining then start again on the next minute
  • Repeat for 8 minutes total