Upper Body Burner Workout

Upper body need some work? This fast and furious workout from The Health & Fitness Guy will have you in shape in no time! The best bit? It's only 8 minutes. 

We love Chris's workouts because they give you bang for your buck and you don't need any equipment. They are fast, effective and will have you feeling mobile and strong in no time at all. Not having time is no excuse. 

Grab your timer, a water bottle and a towel. Let Chris take you through the workout in the video below and then you can go hard!

4 Minute AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible)

4 exercises 4 reps each as many times as possible in the 4 minute time. Rest for one minute then repeat. 

  • 4 x kicksit
  • 4 x pushup
  • 4 x gorilla
  • 4 V-up's

Rest for one minute and repeat. Have fun! You can check out more workouts from Chris RIGHT HERE >> and follow Chris @thehealthandfitnessguy on facebook & instagram.

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