Why We Count Nutrients NOT Calories

We prefer to be 'Nutrient Seekers' rather than 'Calorie Counters' and hopefully you will too after we explain why. 

Here at Paleo Hero we are big proponents of the concept of JERF. Just Eat Real Food. We focus on high quality nutrient dense food sourced from local and in-season produce. We avoid franken-foods and packaged junk with ingredients we don’t recognise and we steer clear of highly refined sugars, artificial colours and preservatives. For a long time we were conditioned to believe that calories are the be-all and end-all but, we now know that isn't the case and that WHERE those calories come from is FAR more important. Here's some of the reasons why....

A calorie isn't a calorie. We believe that nutrients matter more than calories because not all calories are created equal. A calorie from a Mars Bar is processed in a totally different manner to a calorie from an avocado. These elicit completely different hormonal and metabolic responses and can’t possibly be compared side by side. The avocado is providing us with far more nutrients, minerals and vitamins and isn't going to give us the blood sugar spike and insulin response that the Mars Bar will. Our body reacts, stores and uses the calories from that avocado differently to the candy bar and even if that humble avocado has more calories, it has FAR more nutrition. I think we can all agree that regardless of any calories content, that avocado is the nutritionally superior and far healthier choice. 
The old ‘calories in, calories out’ myth has long been proven to be way off the mark and obsessing over calories can steer people towards an unhealthy relationship with food. 
So, calories matter, but just not in the way we once thought they did. Our products are 100% natural, unprocessed whole foods that will keep you nourished and healthy, yeah they have some calories, but we don’t think that’s as important as the INGREDIENTS and all the awesome nutrients they will provide.