Air Fryers, they are all the rage at the moment but there's a heap of misconceptions about them! Do they make your food and ingredient choices healthier? No. Do they make food extra crunchy and crispy? Yes. 

Long story short, an air fryer is simply another form of an oven. A rapid current of hot air circulates around your food in a very small area, cooking it a lot quicker and making it much more crispy. 

So if you're cooking junk in your air fryer like store bought frozen chips, you're still eating junk. These food items already have a bunch of bad stuff like canola oil (ew) frozen into them so cooking them in an air fryer won't change that. 

Air Fryers are however extremely useful for making deliciously crunchy and clean recipes like Zucchini Fries! 3 ingredients and 30mins in the air fryer and you have delicious low carb side or snack.

Things you Need
Serves 2


Chop your zucchini into your desired chip size (we went with 1cm batons). Be sure to scrape out any seed bits as this part can make your chips soggy. 

Between 2 pieces of paper towel, pat your zucchini chips so they are nice and dry. 

Place your zucchini chips into a large bowl, drizzle a good 2 tbs of oil and toss until well coated. 

Add half a packet of Primal Pizza Base Mix to a large zip lock bag, then add your zucchini chips in batches and shake well to coat. Remove from bag, place on a tray ready for the oven or air fryer and repeat until you've coated all your fries.

If you want a thick coating/crumb like batter your chips, repeat this process at least twice :)

Place your zucchini fries into your air fryer basket and spray a little extra coconut oil or olive oil over them using a good quality spray olive or coconut oil. 

Bake for 30mins at 160*C, giving your basket and good shake every 10 minutes so they crisp up evenly. You can turn the temperature up for the last 5 minutes if you want them super golden & crispy.

You can also bake these the normal way in the oven at 180*C for 30 mins, turning over half way. 

Season your zucchini fries with some salt and pepper as soon as they are ready and serve them with a side of good quality aioli (We love the Gevity-RX range).


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