Who doesn't love a cocktail during the festive season (or any time, for that matter)? We know we sure do so we did a bit of digging to find you the most fabulous paleo friendly cocktail recipes to pimp out your next Christmas soiree with style! These paleo cocktail recipes are free from refined sugar and the crap that adds to the hangover. Still feeling it the next day? Scroll to the bottom for our hangover remedies. In the meantime, let's get mixing!

This Cherry Cucumber Prosecco Spritz from What Great Grandma Ate looks like the perfect Summer cooler!


This low sugar cocktail from What Great Grandma Ate pimps it out with some Matcha to give you the lift you might need without the RedBull! We think this Lemon Mint Matcha Champagne looks epic!

Not boozing? No worries. Take this mocktail for a spin from Clean Eating Kitchen and enjoy the hit of antioxidants without the hangover... It would be delicious with gin too though, just saying. Cranberry Pomegranate Citrus Mocktail. 

 It couldn't be Christmas without Egg Nog and this healthy Paleo Egg Nog from A Girl Worth Saving looks the goods! This recipe is a virgin version but you could totally spike it with some spiced rum or brandy to kick things up a notch!

Did someone say Paleo Margarita? *insert rows of 'hands up' emoji!* Sign us up. How refreshing is a good margarita on a hot summer's day? Against All Grain has nailed this one. 

PaleOmg is all over the festive beverages with this Mandarin Vodka Mojito. If you can't get your mits on mandarins (because Australian Summer) you can sub oranges for sure. 

There's something about this Pineapple Sangria that looks like it would be certain fun injection to any occasion, courtesy of Fed & Fit. 

For those who love all those festive season spices, like cinnamon, nutmeg & cloves, this drink is the one for you. This Spiced Harvest Mule from Fed & Fit will give you all the Christmas feels. 

How do you feel about a Rosemary Pear Sparkler? We feel good about it. Really good. Bon Aippetit have us drooling over here!

As always we encourage you to drink responsibly so please don't be a pelican and get behind the wheel if you've been boozing. Woke up the next day feeling a bit under the weather? Make sure you check out our 10 Natural Hangover Remedies. 


Happy Christmas!