Treat Yo' Self with these Guilt-Free Treats!

Following a paleo lifestyle or choosing to go gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free doesn't mean that you have to be the fun-police when it comes to sweets and treats. We have searched high and low to discover some of the most delicious healthy treats so you can have your cake and eat it too!

My Food Religion's Keto Love Bites is a five ingredient homemade chocolate that won't blow out the waistline. 


Raw cakes are always a winner in our eyes and this Passionfruit and Vanilla Tart from Nourished Essence is sure to hit the sweet spot!


Caramel Protein Bars by My Food Religion, complete with some sneaky veggies! Rest assured you can't taste the hidden vegetable.... we sampled about 13, just to be sure. 

This Triple Caramel Crunch Cake by The Merrymaker Sisters has all our dreams coming true. The problem is going to be letting anyone else have some!


We don't know about you but we are suckers for a crumble and we'd like to eat the whole tray of The Paleo Paparazzi's Paleo Berry Crumble Bar.

Chocolate lovers rejoice! Sarah Bell Nutrition has whacked it out of the ball park with these Deluxe Double Chocolate Tarts. Just, yes. 

Would it be wrong to eat all of these delicious treats at once...? Asking for a friend.