Rewards Program

Oh hey there! We want to say 'Thanks'!

We appreciate you so we have created a rewards program to show you just how much.  We dig your loyalty and want to reward you by giving you $$ off your next order because what could be a better reward than a discount on your next Paleo Hero haul!

It's super easy, here's the deal....

Ways To Earn

* Do an order- for every dollar you spend you'll get 100 points. 1000 = $10 off your next order. 

* Refer a friend- if you share the love and your bff's make a purchase you both win! You get 1000 points ($10) & they get $10 off their first order. 

* Create an account- when you first create your account with us we'll gift you 500 points.

We'll keep you updated every time you accumulate enough points to redeem them for products so you can keep feasting on our healthy food and nourishing yourself well!