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 Dennis ‘Hurricane’ Hogan is fast becoming one of the sports most 

popular boxers. With over 19,000 facebook followers, Hogan’s followers are known to travel the world and are called ‘The Green Army’. Dennis’ following brings a patriotic and electric atmosphere to boxing arenas.

Dennis' popularity is far reaching and very significant in three major continents including Australasia, Europe and North America. The approachable, down to earth, well presented boxer finds himself presenting motivational speaking engagements and appearing at many charity events. 

 Dennis Hogan is the all-round professional. Fighting out of Stretton Boxing Club, The Irish Aussie has risen to new levels with two WBO championship bouts against Mexico's Jaime Munguia & USA's Jermall Charlo in 2019. 

Paleo Hero are extremely proud to have Dennis Hogan as an ambassador and we are inspired daily by his positivity and determination.


Professional Record: 28-3-1
Alias: Hurricane
Born: 1985-03-01 / age 35
Nationality: Ireland
Debut: 2011-04-01
Division: super welterweight

Height: 173cm
Reach: 174cm
Residence: Newstead, Queensland, Australia
Birth Place: Kildare, Ireland


Dennis Hogan Paleo Hero




Here's a little more we found out about Dennis in our '5 Minutes of Fame' with them.
What is your favourite Paleo Hero product? 
Favourite paleo hero product is probably the bread mix that's narrowly beating the primal bar. As a professional boxer of 4.5 years I've cut bread from my diet, is I can have it every day and it's delicious. The primal bar is delicious too with the perfect combination of fats and carbs to fuel a great workout.

What does a 'day in the life of' look like for you?
Typical day is start strength and conditioning at 8am till 10am get breakfast then either Chiro, massage, see naturopath, a.r.t or get skin folds done. I meditate for a hour then usually, get back in the gym for 4pm either spar or do pad work and any kind of boxing training. Have dinner then go for a walk and before I go to bed I go over my affirmations/ goals and visualise winning my fight.

If you could give one piece of nutritional wisdom to the Australian public, what would it be?
My best piece of nutritional advice is everything will look after itself weight-wise and health-wise if you just eat natural foods. If your looking at ingredients and you don't recognise it or can't pronounce it, don't eat it. It will not serve you!!

If you could spend the day with one celebrity, who would it be & why? 
Would have to be Connor Mcgregor not only is he from where I'm from back home, his whole belief system and approach to the fight game is exactly the same as mine and I believe we would empower each other. I'm not as outspoken as Connor but inside I'm thinking the very same as him.
What's your favourite colour? 
I could say green cause they're my boxing colours but I'm chasing and fixated on gold so has to be gold. 
What's your favourite way to workout when you are not training? 
Weights I suppose, I like getting stronger and maybe followed by a few hill sprints just to get the endorphins up.
Can you share with us a motivational quote that really resonates with you? 
If people don't laugh at your dreams they're not big enough. It's not that people aim too high and miss it's that people aim too low and get it.
Dennis Hogan

Some days as an athlete must be tougher than others. What gets you through the tough days? 
I have a Vision of myself with a my goals achieved and I can feel it and see it as real, I know the tougher days are making me strong so I can become that person. Success is not one big achievement it's a million little achievements all coming together so anything that's thrown at me is another chance for me to empower myself.
What does relaxing look like in your down-time? 
Relaxation for me is to chill out, have a nice wall along the river maybe by Southbank, see a film in cinema and go for coffee. Nice easy going stuff like that.
Who is the person who has inspired you most to do what you do? 
My grandfather Paddy Burke. He taught me boxing from very young, maybe 6 years old, he was the local boxing club coach and he absolutely loved boxing. He was over the moon when I won my first pro fight and now at 23 fights undefeated and ranked 5th in world he would have been so happy at how well it's going now. That still inspires and motivates me to this day, I feel his energy with me.  
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