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Sophie McCulloch is a Sunshine Coast native currently competing on the World Surf League Qualifying and Challenger Series. At just 21 years of age, Sophie aspires to qualify for the World Circuit Tour and the 2024 Olympic Games. Sophie is also a university student studying a dual degree, Bachelor in Marketing and Biomedical Science.  


Women's Qualifying Series Results


Rank Points Events Heats Max heat score Best result
2019 21 9,740 11 36 16.25 3rd 
2018 27 6,170 11 30 16.25 3rd 
2017 47 4,090 8 21 18.05 5th(x2)
2016 37 4,490 9 21 16.80 9th 
2015 161 525 1 5 18.10 4th 
2014 119 469 2 4 14.96 17th 

Sophie McCulloch Surfer | Paleo Hero Ambassador


What’s your favourite food?
Paleo Hero muesli/granola and yoghurt, or rack of lamb w/ pumpkin & feta salad. If I am being indulgent and having dessert, sticky date or butterscotch pudding and vanilla ice cream is my favourite treat.

If you could give one piece of nutritional wisdom to the Australian public, what would it be?
To eat what you know what makes you feel good, inside and out. Call me old fashioned, but personally, it’s hard to go past ‘protein and 3 veg’.


If you could spend the day with one celebrity, who would it be & why? Donna Hay – I would pick her brains about cooking, learn as much as I can, cook and then feast!


What's your favourite colour?
Sky Blue.


What's your favourite way to work out when you are not training?
High intensity 30 min core and legs (general format is 10 reps x 3 sets), paddle boarding, or power walking with my mum, dad and sister!


Can you share with us a motivational quote that really resonates with you? “Train to the level you wish to fall to under pressure”
“Act of confidence comes before the feeling of confidence”
“In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity”

Some days as an athlete must be tougher than others. What gets you through the tough days?
I seek advice from the people I trust, there’s no better way to relieve stress, or take weight off your shoulders, than to communicate.


What does relaxing look like in your down-time?
Watching a movie with family, reading a book, or cooking.

Who is the person who has inspired you most to do what you do?
There are a number of people who have inspired me to push myself in surfing; it is hard to narrow down. My older siblings played an important role growing up surfing, where my inner competitiveness drove me to want to be better than them. My coach has always encouraged the fun in surfing, while still maintaining constructive criticism, which inspired me to pursue the sport as a career. There are also a number of professional athletes who I have always looked up to, such as Louis Zamperini (Track runner & War Veteran), Carissa Moore (surfer), Bethany Hamilton and Torah Bright (Snow boarding).

More recently Michelle Payne and Ash Barty have become key role models due to their sportsmanship, modesty and genuineness.

 Sophie McCulloch - Pro Surfer | Paleo Hero Ambassador


You can follow Sophie and her day to day life at:

Instagram: @sophie__mcculloch

FB: Sophie McCulloch

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