Supercharge Your Coffee With Collagen!

Coffee. For so many it's the life source for their morning and luckily for those people there's been some great studies that tout the health benefits of the morning cup of Joe but could we make it better? You might have seen Bulletproof coffee floating around but what about Collagen coffee? Here at Paleo Hero HQ it's our preferred way to kick start the day and supercharge that morning caffeine hit. 

What is collagen coffee? Glad you asked. The video below with Shan from My Food Religion will show you how to make it but it's pretty simple really, you take a good quality collagen powder (which is flavourless and dissolves in hot or cold liquids) and you mix add it into your coffee. Simple!

Why add collagen? Collagen is the building blocks of our hair, skin, nails, joints and gut lining, plus it's cheaper than botox. It's about 97% pure protein which is very bio-available so a great alternative to some of the junky protein powders out there. In our modern day diets we don't consume anywhere near as much collagen from our foods as we naturally would have when we ate nose to tail. Collagen is particularly abundant in the 'jointy' cuts of meat like necks, tail and bone broth which are generally less frequent in our current diets so supplementing with a good collagen can be useful for many people. We like to add it it tea, coffee, soup, bliss balls, baking, meatballs and smoothies. It's very versatile and you won't even know it's there. 

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