Paleo Hero Primal Jerky Mix ORIGINAL 70g
Paleo Hero Primal Jerky Mix ORIGINAL 70g

Paleo Hero Primal Jerky Mix ORIGINAL 70g

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Australia’s favourite Paleo Primal Jerky Mix is made using the highest quality, handpicked ingredients to nourish your body with the best.

Our original primal jerky mix is Australia’s favourite paleo snack, made of a delicious blend of grass fed beef jerky, raw nuts and organic berries to give your taste buds a flavour-filled kick. We source the highest quality ingredients containing a selection of essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins giving you energy throughout the day.

Our beef jerky is made from 100% grass fed, free range Aussie beef providing a source of quality protein to fuel your daily adventures.

We’re committed to producing Australia’s best paleo, gluten free products. 
All of our products are made using the following:

  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Grain free
  • Additive and preservative free
  • Grass fed


Paleo Hero Primal Jerky Mix Original Ingredients:
grass fed beef jerky, coconut, premium nuts, seeds, spices, berries

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100% Australian Made & Owned.
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