Kids parties can be a minefield when it comes to managing food allergies or intolerances or simply attempting to not totally derail your family's healthy eating habits. While we don’t want to be the fun-police about party food we also don’t want to be sending everyone’s kids home jacked up on artificial colours, preservatives and additives. That’s not fun for anyone in the aftermath.

Creating healthy options for your kids parties can be tricky, especially if you're trying to avoid being that crunchy-hippy parent sending all the kids home with kale chips instead of a lolly bag. Rest assured, we think there’s a happy medium that will keep everyone happy. 

We believe party food should be fun, nourishing and still a treat so we’ve put together some of our favourite party food ideas. 

Colourful Smoothies 
These can easily be made on almond, coconut milk or coconut water and flavoured with frozen mango, berries or banana. Just like a summer slushie. 

Top your own ‘Nice-Cream’
Freeze a heap of chopped ripe bananas a few days before the party and blend until smooth in your food processor. Spoon into bowls and let the kids top with fresh berries, choc chips, nuts, coconut, etc. You can even make your own ‘ice magic’ using melted coconut oil, raw cacao and maple syrup which will go hard as soon as it hits the ice cream. 

Kids love a good cheerio so why not use a high quality alternative like Cleavers organic hot dogs chopped up or on a skewer?

Sausage Rolls
Make your own sausage rolls with mince and gluten free wraps or rice paper rolls as the pastry. This recipe looks tasty to us. 

Get a good quality non-GMO popcorn and let the kids loose. 

Fruit Skewers
Most kids love fruit so chopped fruit in small containers or on skewers is always a win. Extra points if you drizzle them with dark chocolate. 

Homemade gummies are super easy and can be flavoured however you like. Berries and cream or mango are always a hit. You can find a base recipe here >> 

Meatballs can easily be cooked in the oven or on the BBQ but meatballs are a super quick and easy snack. They're also a great way to sneak in grated veggies if you’re game. 

Chicken Nuggets
These bad boys don’t need to be deep fried to be delicious, try our Paleo Chicken Nuggets recipe for a sure-fire crowd pleaser.

Chocolate Crackles
Without the copha and highly refined sugar, our Paleo Chocolate Crackles will still be a hit. Sweeten them with some pure maple syrup if you'd prefer them a little sweeter. 

Let's party!

A few of the products you'll need for the recipes above:
Primal Choc Granola
Primal Bread Mix
Primal Pizza Base Mix
Grass Fed Beef Gelatin