The festive season usually starts with a glass of champagne here and an hors d'oeuvres there. Next minute you are knee deep in egg nog and you can't see the kale salad through the rum balls. We love fun and celebrations as much as the next punter but we also know that most of us don't want to derail a years worth of nourishing food choices and training in one mad month and feel like we are right back at square one come January.

Luckily we have found a ton of healthy food recipes that you can take to your next event to ensure that there's something nourishing on hand when you have had 3 (or 7) champagnes and your decision-making process is slightly impaired. 

 Paleo Christmas Gingerbread by My Food Religion. These would make a fab gift idea too. 

Bacon Wrapped Prawns from The Merrymaker Sisters. Two of our favourite things, prawns and bacon. Amazing.

Orange and Dijon Chicken Drumsticks
by Nom Nom Paleo look both delicious and affordable. 

Carrot and Coriander Slaw by Eat Drink Paleo. This looks like the perfect side dish and hopefully there's leftovers so lunch the next day is sorted too. 

Paleo Apple Pie from A Clean Bake. This looks like it would be epic topped with paleo custard or coconut milk ice cream. 

White Christmas Rocky Road by My Food Religion. This one definitely looks like it needs to given to others before you eat the whole tray. 

Sweet Potato Gratin by Meatified is sure to be a crowd pleaser and would make a perfect side dish to the traditional roast. 

Paleo Christmas Cake by Quirky Cooking. If you are a Christmas cake lover this one will be a sure hit without any of the gluten, dairy or refined flours. Cake you can feel good about. 

Lamington Bliss Balls by Sofie Van Kempen. Now you might think Lamingtons belong on Australia Day but we  can assure you that these bliss balls belong in every day. 

Paleo Orange Teriyaki Baked Salmon by Eat Drink Paleo. This would be the perfect option for the BBQ or as a whole side of salmon. 

Cinnamon & Maple Glazed Pecans by Live Love Nourish would be the perfect snack bowl to keep you satisfied and away from the party pies. 

Slow Roasted Prime Rib by Autoimmune Wellness. 

Orange Glazed Ham by Paleo Leap takes Christmas ham to the next level. 

Paleo Buffalo Wings by Paleo Hero are the perfect appetiser and topped with Homemade BBQ Sauce you will have everyone heading back for seconds. 

Cauliflower Pilaf by My Food Religion is fresh, nourishing and loaded with goodness. 

Keto Rum Balls by Healthful Pursuit. Say whaaatt?! Yes please. 

Paleo Baba Ganoush by Jessie's Kitchen is the perfect dip to take along to a soiree and why not make some Paleo Crackers to go with it? 

Spicy Sweet Potato & Pumpkin Dip by Big Man's World. 

Apple and Herb Brined Turkey with Rosemary Gravy by Donna Hay. We'd just substitute the flour in the gravy for tapioca or arrowroot flour. 

Pomegranate Lime Spritzer by Purely Katie looks like a perfect Summer beverage and you could even swap out the mineral water for kombucha..... or champagne.

Egg Nog by Oatmeal with a Fork. Because it wouldn't be Christmas without eggnog right!